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We will provide experiential learning (EL) and project-based learning (PBL) activities by involving BS/MS students in advanced research on plant growth and physiology, crop production, genetic engineering, plant biotechnology, microbial biotechnology, cell culture, breeding, and biocontrol areas. These activities are designed for undergraduate and graduate students to improve their research, leadership, critical thinking, and communication skills.

Instrumentation and Experimentation Day (Senior Students):

Understanding and operating highly advanced instruments are essential for students to gain technical skills for future jobs. Similarly, familiarization with troubleshoots and understanding critical steps is crucial for performing experiments related to agriculture biotechnology. Students will attend a one-day training on the instrument used in Agrisciences fields. A faculty mentor and project team member will be assigned to show the instruments and run specific samples from plants, soil, or microbes.

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Research Day (Senior Undergraduate and Graduate Students):

Students will showcase their knowledge and key results obtained while performing a research project. The students will share their experiences with peers, junior students and faculties.  The best projects based on a defined rubric will be awarded certificates and prizes.

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Biotechnology Farm Day (Senior Undergraduate and Graduate Students):

Tailored for undergraduate and MS students specializing in agriculture, this unique program, led by Dr. Zhen, taps into the extensive agriculture extension facilities at TAMU. Students will delve into a series of field-related activities, including visits to TAMU and PVAMU research farms, ecological parks, and industrial sites. Experience the practical side of your studies with group visits, consisting of 5-8 students, for half-day immersions. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to bridge theory with real-world applications in the thriving field of agriculture.

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Summer Lab Assistantship Program (Senior Undergraduate and Graduate Students):

This is for Junior/Senior undergraduate students who are enrolled in UH (NSM/Technology) and wish to work in Plant Biotechnology Research. The undergraduate students who complete the required courses and work on the EL research themes can continue working on their project to further progress towards completion of the research.

Interested students have to apply online using a QR Code or the link below. International students are not eligible for this position. There are 10 positions available, and selected students have to work in the lab for two months ($2400 total).

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Climate Smart Workshop (Senior Undergraduate and Graduate Students):

Dive into the climate change conversation with our collaborative workshop! Open to all levels of expertise, this engaging event is designed to foster a shared understanding of climate challenges and solutions. Explore innovative ideas, exchange knowledge, and contribute to the collective effort in climate change research. Embrace the power of collaboration – everyone has a role to play. Together, let’s create a sustainable future. Register now and be part of the change!

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Biotech Peer Research Cafe (Senior Undergraduate and Graduate Students):

For two hours a month, students can practice and discuss their communication and writing skills for their upcoming research careers. Both undergraduate and graduate students will be able to support each other through peer review, presentations, and exchanging of ideas. Students will also be able to receive mentorship from Ph.D. students and faculty to even further develop their skills.

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Biotech Entreprenuership Workshop (Senior Undergraduate and Graduate Students):

Demonstrate strong foundational knowledge through research and in the development of a research project. Students will be able to showcase their knowledge and skills in literature reviews, project timelines and deadlines, and presenting their findings in a concise manner. Take advantage to develop their communication skills by presenting your findings to their peers and learning from their peer’s presentations.

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BTEC Program Seminar Series (All students):

Join our exclusive seminar series where leading experts and visionaries in the field share their insights, discoveries, and groundbreaking research. Don’t miss this golden opportunity to be inspired, learn from the best, and pave the way for your own success. Elevate your understanding, expand your network, and be part of the biotech revolution.

A New Seminar Every Month!



BTEC Research Club Series (Junior Students):

Embark on an intellectual journey with our Research Club! Unleash your curiosity as we delve into the art of crafting research hypotheses, navigating literature reviews, mastering experimental design, honing time management skills, perfecting protocol procedures, and collecting valuable data. Join us in stimulating discussions and learn the fine art of writing impactful reports and manuscripts. Ignite your passion for research and let’s explore the exciting world of discovery together!

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